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Libra & Libra

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With the amount of cooperation and understanding Libra sign seeks, this can be a perfect match. You both invest enormous energy and time into personal relationships and feel incomplete without a partner. Wanting to please and be liked means that the chance of open conflict is low. You both tend to avoid taking any extreme point of view in order to avoid causing offence.

Why Libra and Libra
are a good match

As you're both determined to be fair, you try to be equitable and just in your dealings with one another. When you do disagree, it's easy to reach a compromise. You identify with one another and are very alike in important ways. It's easy for you to be together because you don't have to explain yourselves.

Why Libra and Libra
are a bad match

With two such indecisive people together, it can be hard reaching a consensus on anything. If things go wrong you tend to ignore problems in the hope that they'll go away until you're reluctantly forced to face them.

How are Libra & Libra in bed?

Each of you will feel convinced that you have met the right person. You are always romantic, social and outgoing and it seems that there can't be too much of a good thing where you're concerned. You charm each other and each of you will do whatever it takes to make sure that the other is beaming with happiness. This love can really take your breath away.

Libra & Libra marriage potential

Although you might make easier friends than lovers this can be a perfect match. Your life together will be easy going and harmonious â€" the only problem being that you sometimes find it a little difficult to deal with reality. Your life is likely to be hectic and you need to beware of the temptation to spend more time with others than with each other. With a dose of practicality, you can live in your own dream world.

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