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All about Libra & Pisces relationships

Pisces & Libra

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With Libra what you see is what you get and with Pisces you wonder what you're looking at. Both of you are good listeners and receptive to others' points of view, and neither of you want to be too aggressive when it comes to making your point. You can be so busy in your own worlds that you don't take time to figure out a world where they both live harmoniously. You need a lot of support from each other to make the relationship work.

Why Libra and Pisces
are a good match

You're both talented, social and appreciate the good life. Together, you can have a lot of fun. Libra can see the possibility of a future and security with Pisces. Pisces will enjoy showing Libra off in public. Libra can teach a Pisces to be impartial when making decisions while Pisces can teach Libra not to be too judgmental.

Why Libra and Pisces
are a bad match

At the least, this is likely to be a complicated and confused relationship. Pisces is very sensitive whereas Libra is easy going and can get frustrated with Pisces. Libra's approach to problems is to look at them intellectually, whereas Pisces focuses on the emotional impact. Pisces' disorganisation and dreaminess can be too much for Libra to handle, especially if they're passively agreeing with everything. Somehow, the clashes are unavoidable and the relationship is hopeless.

How are Libra & Pisces in bed?

There's a strong level of attraction, but your feelings are often not in tune. Libra wants a fair relationship whereas Pisces tends to become involved in relationships where one person is the giver and the other is dependent and needy.

Libra & Pisces marriage potential

Two such romantic signs together can wallow in the glow of your love. Your daily routines are likely to change frequently and you often switch roles, rather than one person always handling the same things. A rigid system isn't you will find that it's not comfortable for either of you. So long as you make adjustments where necessary, and are prepared to go with the flow, you could end up in a deeply loving relationship.

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