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All about Libra & Sagittarius relationships

Sagittarius & Libra

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Both of you are outgoing, friendly people who enjoy socializing and are likely to enjoy one another's company. You are both idealistic and prefer to see the good side of life and people. Although you both love to spend time together, neither of you worry when the other wants to be out and about with other people.

Why Libra and Sagittarius
are a good match

You enjoy a shared mental rapport and each other's company, making you good friends. Libra can smooth things over quickly if there are any conflicts and you both have the ability to forgive and forget. Libra enjoys assisting Sagittarius in practical ways and together you can accomplish a great deal. Being more balanced, Libra can prevent Sagittarius from taking unwise risks and in turn Sagittarius offers the intimacy that Libra craves.

Why Libra and Sagittarius
are a bad match

Libra is prone to go along with people even when there are lots of doubts and Sagittarius may talk them into things that they should question rather than accept. Libra may feel insecure with Sagittarius who is more independent and enjoys going off alone. They need to guard against a tendency to dampen Sagittarius's enthusiasm. Sagittarius may resent Libra's tendency to dominate and be overly sensitive to Libra's criticisms. However, even when you disagree there are unlikely to be major conflicts.

How are Libra & Sagittarius in bed?

Libra will love Sagittarius' spontaneous reactions and free approach towards life. There's a strong chemistry between you and it helps that you can share the same sense of humor. Sparks will fly between you and although you might start as friends, the passion soon takes over.

Libra & Sagittarius marriage potential

The biggest problem is the issue of commitment. Whereas Sagittarius wants to stay free, Libra wants to settle down as soon as possible. Money can cause a huge amount of problems with both of you having a tendency toward extravagance. With some compromise, you can establish a rewarding relationship that always feels new and exciting.

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