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All about Libra & Scorpio relationships

Scorpio & Libra

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Your relationship is intense and can blow hot or cold â€" possibly both at different times. You can easily end up in bitter power struggles and each of you will feel that the other is being manipulative. Libra and Scorpio have a greater capacity than most couples to be loyal and devoted partners and can complement each other well.

Why Libra and Scorpio
are a good match

Libra tends to avoid conflict but Scorpio is able to deal with difficult situations and leave Libra to smooth ruffled feathers where necessary. Your emotional bonds can be very strong. Both of you are staunchly romantic and love to shower attention on your partner. Libras will Scorpio to fight against being over emotional while Scorpio can help Libra stay focused when it comes to the details of everyday life. As neither of you are naturally argumentative, disputes are likely to be rare.

Why Libra and Scorpio
are a bad match

Although both of you want a close relationship Scorpio can become fixated on Libra and too possessive whereas Libra has more of a sense of proportion and objectivity. Libra is sometimes bewildered by Scorpio's dark moods and Libra's natural flirtatiousness can anger Scorpio. If things become too easy going, Scorpio may provoke trouble. Scorpio can also be manipulative and controlling, and may be subtly dominating in your relationship. Scorpio can find Libra a little aloof at times and in turn Libra can find Scorpio a little suffocating.

How are Libra & Scorpio in bed?

Libra is far too practical to be the passionate love Scorpio dreams of and may find Scorpio too overwhelming. Physically, you're highly compatible as you both have good judgment about what will and will not be pleasurable and satisfying. In spite of your differences, you both love risk and taking chances. You know how to woo and seduce one another and take great pleasure in doing so. This will never be a boring relationship

Libra & Scorpio marriage potential

You work well together on a practical level and any plans you make for your future are usually successful. If Scorpio can keep an open mind and Libra be considerate of Scorpio's' feelings, together you can form a very intimate, loyal and passionate relationship.

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