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All about Libra & Taurus relationships

Taurus & Libra

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That fact that both of you enjoy the finer things in life gives a good start to your relationship. You're also both social animals and prepared to work at your relationship. Comfort is high on your mutual list of priorities and the love of music, film and art you both have can help you to form a bond. Libra needs to learn to compromise as they are far more sociable than Taurus and Taurus can resent their spending time with other people. If Libra learns to cut down their flirting, Taurus will feel much more secure.

Why Libra and Taurus
are a good match

Although you have slightly different tastes in entertainment, if Taurus goes along with Libra's more up market suggestions, it will stop them from getting into a rut and doing the same old things again and again. Libra can easily smooth things over and keep the peace if Taurus gets wound up, and Taurus can help push Libra into making a decision instead of dithering endlessly. Although some adjustment is necessary, on balance each of you will find the other to be a delight.

Why Libra and Taurus
are a bad match

Taurus is much more conservative with money and can be slower to make decisions than Libra. Their natural possessiveness and urge to own and control doesn't sit well with Libra. Libra's lack of interest in routine matters conflicts badly with Taurus' practicality and the personality conflicts may be more than either is willing to endure. Sometimes Taurus worries that Libra doesn't don't take their finances seriously enough. It can be hard to get a decision out of Libra, and they may move the goalposts too often for Taurus' comfort. Their casual attitude toward love can get to Taurus at times.

How are Libra & Taurus in bed?

Your differing tastes can cause conflict and make a romantic relationship difficult. Libra wants romance whereas Taurus seeks sensuality. However, Libra wants a special someone in their life and feels drawn to Taurus for their sensitive side. It's hard for anyone not to like Libra and their natural charm and Taurus offers the affection they need.

Libra & Taurus marriage potential

For a relationship to thrive, Libra needs to feel that a commitment has been made. Taurus is loyal and once they feel safe and secure, they'll be ready to join Libra in some good living.

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