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All about Libra & Virgo relationships

Virgo & Libra

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Virgo and Libra can along really well, although it might take a bit of effort to get started. Virgo is ruled more by their intellect while Libra is ruled mainly by feelings and deep emotions.  Fortunately, Libra wants the perfect relationship and sees merit in anyone's viewpoint. It's possible to ensure that your different natures complement each other and, with some patience, this can be a wonderful partnership of two civilized and progressive minds.

Why Libra and Virgo
are a good match

One area that Virgo can really help Libra with is their tendency toward indecision. Libra tends to lead the way and is happy doing so for as long as Virgo curbs their urge to criticize. You can establish a close and loving relationship. With the unlimited imagination, hope, and idealism permeating this relationship, you both believe that you can do anything together.

Why Libra and Virgo
are a bad match

With your vast differences in personality, a lack of respect and tolerance can develop between you. Sometimes Virgo views Libra as wishy-washy and sometimes Libra views Virgo as prim and intolerant. Virgo has the habit of correcting other people when they are wrong, which leads to arguments. You need to remember that challenging each other's views is fine, but both of you need to take care not try to coerce the other to accept your views.

How are Libra & Virgo in bed?

Libra sweeps Virgo off their feet with their charm and leaves them in a romantic haze. However, Virgo's boldness can be a little off-putting to Libra and the two of you need time to get to know each other before you become involved. Once you do, you will find that you instinctively know how to please and make one another happy.

Libra & Virgo marriage potential

Virgo may give up with disillusion when faced with Libras infidelities and learn to live with them or become very bitter.  However, there's a strong lingering attraction between the two of you and so long as you approach your relationship with complete honesty, you have a good chance of making it last.

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