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Pisces & Pisces

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This has the potential to be a highly emotional combination though with your joint vagueness you may find it hard to get it together in the first place. Your biggest problem is that neither of you is strong enough to lead the other. You both tend to be escapists and ignore the boring practicalities of life, which can lead you toward financial disaster. If you can learn to care for your partner whenever they feel down, the chances of making a go of your relationship are drastically increased.

Why Pisces and Pisces
are a good match

You are capable of extreme dedication and self-denial for the sake of a mutual goal and can make a formidable team. You can communicate easily, almost telepathically and each of you feels that you know what the other is thinking without anything being said. Being so similar means that you have the potential to grow closer than most couples.

Why Pisces and Pisces
are a bad match

Without something to anchor your relationship, you can get lost in a sea of overwhelming emotions and drift too far from practical realities. You're so sensitive too each other that sometimes you wish that you couldn't read your partner so well as it seems to take some of the mystery out of your relationship.

How are Pisces & Pisces in bed?

You're irresistibly drawn to each other although you probably will never be able to articulate just what it is that attracts you to your partner.

Pisces & Pisces marriage potential

Pisces needs full commitment before surrendering and as you're both prepared to offer your heart and soul to the other, that's just what you get. It can be hard to know where you end and your partner begins, your lives are so intertwined. With such a deep understanding of each other, you can develop a relationship that is satisfying beyond words. There will always be plenty of romance and each of you will shower the other with affection and receive just as much loving in return.

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