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All about Pisces & Scorpio relationships

Scorpio & Pisces

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Passion and love are almost guaranteed in this relationship. You are both are sensitive, feeling, compassionate people and together can achieve a depth of intimacy that you will find with few others. The major difference between you is that whereas Pisces wears their heart on their sleeve, Scorpio hides their feelings. You are basically compatible and can have a very fulfilling union. Your shared intuition brings rapport and you may get so enmeshed with one another that it's hard to tell when one person begins and the other ends.

Why Pisces and Scorpio
are a good match

Pisces' non-judgmental attitude can be healing to Scorpio, who is more emotional and often carries secret pain. Scorpio can teach Pisces to be more assertive. Pisces' imagination sparks Scorpio's creativity and Pisces can offer the devotion and admiration that Scorpio craves. You understand each other effortlessly and find it easy to compromise whenever there is a slight difference of opinion.

Why Pisces and Scorpio
are a bad match

Misunderstandings can spill into arguments and as Scorpio is more forceful than Pisces, they may lash out vindictively when hurt and deeply wound Pisces. Scorpio may sometimes be jealous of Pisces' popularity and over critical of their friends.

How are Pisces & Scorpio in bed?

When you connect, sparks fly and you feel you have met a soul mate. There is an obsessive quality to this relationship, creating an intense bond that's hard to break. When you click, nothing and no one can stop you.

Pisces & Scorpio marriage potential

You can both feel secure in the knowledge that you've found the one. So long as you address any problems that arise, there's nothing you can't solve together. Scorpio will be devoted to Pisces and Pisces brings sparkle to Scorpio's. This relationship has everything from the sensual to the spiritual and is a perfect match.

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