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All about Pisces & Taurus relationships

Taurus & Pisces

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This can be one of the most compatible and comfortable combinations of the zodiac, potentially bringing years of happiness to both. This is a very easy and comfortable combination so long as both of you avoids falling into the trap of just letting things go their own way.

Why Pisces and Taurus
are a good match

Taurus, being more practical, can help turn Pisces' dreams into reality. Taurus is also dependable, something that Pisces needs within a relationship. Pisces can bring Taurus inspiration and imagination while Taurus can offer the security and stability they so badly need. Taurus likes the romantic Piscean and can see in them a loving, caring and sympathetic lover. As long as Pisces avoids being too vague, your different temperaments gel well.

Why Pisces and Taurus
are a bad match

Pisces often goes along with the flow and Taurus, sometimes can't be bothered to flow at all. It would be all too easy to remain “just friends.” Pisces' unreliability can drive Taurus to distraction so they need to beware of making promises that they can't possibly keep. While Pisces can rely on Taurus to bring some stability into their life, there's a risk that they'll become too dependent and this can cause resentment. Sometimes Taurus can be a little clumsy but there's no point in being oversensitive.

How are Pisces & Taurus in bed?

The initial attraction can wear off when Taurus finds out just how unreliable Pisces can be, although Pisces likes Taurus' charm, sincerity and loyalty. However, one way in which you two combine well is by indulging one another's need for sensual activities. Pisces is flexible enough to happily fulfill Taurus' wants, which aren't so far from their own. Taurus' constant affection will clearly show their feelings and the two of you can enjoy lasting love.

Pisces & Taurus marriage potential

There is the potential of many years of happiness with this relationship. You share a taste for the good life and will love going out together. With Pisces enjoying the passion and constant attention of Taurus, and Taurus being comfortable with Pisces' sensitivity and warmth, you can complement each other and your relationship will get better with time.

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