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All about Pisces & Virgo relationships

Virgo & Pisces

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Sometimes, this combination can be ideal as Virgo's earthiness combines well with Pisces' depth. Neither of you are ambitious or egocentric, you are both gentle, shy people with a great deal of sensitivity. Your relationship has an upbeat, friendly positive quality that makes it fun. You have a lot to offer each other and can be stronger as a team than apart, but both of you need to accept and respect your differences to make real progress.

Why Pisces and Virgo
are a good match

This can be a highly stable relationship. Virgo provides the stability and sensibility that Pisces needs while they brings more meaning into Virgo's life. In return, Pisces can teach Virgo to be more laid back and less stressed. Somehow, your differences don't conflict with each other and you appreciate and understand each other enough to harmonize well.

Why Pisces and Virgo
are a bad match

Virgo resents Pisces' unreliability and tendency to check for other talent. Pisces' way of solving problems doesn't allow the type of planning that Virgo needs. Virgo's tendency to pick faults wears Pisces down and Virgo can be driven to distraction by the way that Pisces lets money just flow through theiir fingers. If Pisces gets cold feet at the wrong time, Virgo will feel insecure. If Virgo says the wrong thing at the wrong time, Pisces sees this as manipulation and will soon disappear. The biggest problem is that Virgo's perfectionism clashes with Pisces' chaotic lifestyle of a Pisces and a lot of understanding is needed to get past this barrier.

How are Pisces & Virgo in bed?

The two of you are proof that opposites attract. Virgo is drawn to Pisces' unconditional, uncritical acceptance and Pisces admires Virgo's ability to see things in a practical way. Your sexual compatibility is strong, if not as adventurous, as it could be.

Pisces & Virgo marriage potential

Your joint empathy and commitment keep your bonds strong and long lasting. With Virgo keeping Pisces firmly grounded and Pisces showing Virgo how to chase rainbows, conflict can be put firmly to one side in favor of bliss.

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