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All about Sagittarius & Taurus relationships

Taurus & Sagittarius

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The two of you approach life quite differently. Taurus tends to be sedate and practical, and may find it difficult to be flexible and attuned to the Sagittarius trait of living for the moment. A little extra tact on Sagittarius' part can go a long way towards alleviating any disagreements.

Why Sagittarius and Taurus
are a good match

Sagittarius brings a sense of adventure and fun into Taurus' life and lifts them out of their rut. Taurus can offer Sagittarius some much needed stability and be there for them when their confidence is dented. In return, Sagittarius can inspire Taurus to reach for their dreams. While practical Taurus teaches Sagittarius patience, they in turn learn to be a bit more impulsive and adventurous instead of taking life so seriously.

Why Sagittarius and Taurus
are a bad match

The biggest problem is that Taurus keeps trying to clip Sagittarius' wings. Taurus wanting to feel in charge and able to make all the decisions can make Sagittarius feel smothered and trapped. They also get frustrated at how slow Taurus can be. The two of you are very different emotionally. Taurus may see Sagittarius as self centered and egotistical and sometimes Taurus may feel angry and confused by Sagittarius's inconsistency. Taurus can be too rigid for Sagittarius's liking. Sagittarius may have trouble with Taurus's complacency and become frustrated when their efforts to liven Taurus up come to nothing.

How are Sagittarius & Taurus in bed?

This relationship can't be forced and some sensitivity is needed but if both learn to go with the flow and adjust their routines, Sagittarius will enjoy the deep affection Taurus has to offer and is attracted by their sensuality. Sagittarius can ignite Taurus' passions through their lack of inhibition. If this pair does succeed in coming together, there will be plenty of fireworks.

Sagittarius & Taurus marriage potential

Although this is a difficult combination, with patience and understanding, you can live together and your relationship can improve with age. If Taurus learns to give Sagittarius the space they need, and Sagittarius tries to control their carefree nature they can each compliment the others good points and Taurus' loyalty can be relied on to hold things together. Even if the attraction wanes, friendship is likely to remain.

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