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Scorpio & Scorpio

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A meeting of heart, soul and body means that this is an explosive combination, but double the usual amount of passion and jealousy can cause this combination to blow itself up. Two Scorpios together are likely to become very attached to, if not obsessed, with each other. Each of you is swayed by the others emotions and moods, which can be confusing and overwhelming. It's not made any easier by the fact that you're both indirect when it comes to communication.

Why Scorpio and Scorpio
are a good match

When you do disagree â€" which is likely to be often â€" you can have a wonderful time making up passionately. However it turns out in the long run, this will be an important relationship in your life.

Why Scorpio and Scorpio
are a bad match

Possessiveness and a refusal to let go can cause a lot of arguments between you. Although your feelings run deep, you don't find it easy to reveal them. When you're hurt, you may brood for a long time and build up resentment. You're extremely suspicious and cautious and need proof that your partner is worthy of your trust. Your desire for privacy can lead you to keep secrets simply for the sake of knowing something that your partner doesn't.

How are Scorpio & Scorpio in bed?

When you first meet, you each recognise so much of yourself in the other that it can feel as if you were destined to be together. There's a risk that one of you can cause offence to the other by coming on too strong, too soon. There can be a driving, compelling, almost impersonal quality to your love-making at times. When it comes to passion though, you throw in your whole heart and more.

Scorpio & Scorpio marriage potential

There is a high level of respect and appreciation between you and you allow each another a lot of freedom to develop other friendships once you begin to feel secure in your relationship. Once you've decided to make a go of it, you'll dedicate yourselves to make sure that your relationship sustains no matter what comes along.

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