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All about Scorpio & Taurus relationships

Taurus & Scorpio

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This is a dynamic attraction of opposites where both will go out of their way to satisfy each other. With some consideration you can establish a deep and powerful relationship. You will either love or hate one another, but never be indifferent. As astrological opposites, your personalities are complimentary. The things that attract you to each other can drive you apart, so it's important to understand your fundamental differences. You can both be jealous, possessive and controlling when feeling insecure but you can avoid problems by being upfront about your fears and needs.

Why Scorpio and Taurus
are a good match

Scorpio adds sparkle to Taurus' life and they appreciate their strength and strong character. When you come together, it's as if you've found your other half. You can each balance the other's weaknesses and have a lot in common.

Why Scorpio and Taurus
are a bad match

Scorpio knows when Taurus is trying to hide something, but they're also capable of assuming secrets when none exist. Taurus can read Scorpio's reticence as meaning that they have something to hide. Honesty and being more upfront with each other will help. Both of you are so opinionated that eruptions are likely from time to time. As Scorpio is capable of deception, they're likely to accuse Taurus of doing the things they're guilty of.

How are Scorpio & Taurus in bed?

Taurus loves Scorpio's strength and strong character but when they want to take charge Taurus has to give in. With such a dynamic attraction, you're both prepared to go out of your way to satisfy each other. There's never a shortage of passion and when you do have the inevitable argument, you can look forward to making up.

Scorpio & Taurus marriage potential

Your mutual patience and staying power combined can throw off any competition and help you to stick with your relationship through problems that would thwart lesser beings. Both Taurus and Scorpio are passionate and loyal so once a strong connection is made they don't want to let go. Once you commit to each other, this relationship can become steady, stable and a powerhouse.

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