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All about Scorpio & Virgo relationships

Virgo & Scorpio

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Although it seems on the surface that you have little in common, you can make a good combination. Both of you want commitment and loyalty and with effort that's exactly what you get. Scorpio's intense emotions balance Virgo's practicality. You share the need to analyze and dissect everything and an introspective approach to life, although Virgo is more cautious about dealing with challenges. Both of you feel safe and secure with each other and will be loyal and dedicated towards your partner.

Why Scorpio and Virgo
are a good match

Virgo has the ability to keep the things running smoothly, while Scorpio excels in planning and negotiating. Scorpio feels that they can confide in Virgo and will learn to trust them completely over time. You can spark each other's sense of humor and good will and usually put each other into a good mood. The two of you can count on lots of fun together.

Why Scorpio and Virgo
are a bad match

With so many differences between you, it's easy to antagonize each other. Scorpio resents Virgo's nagging and will withdraw if they feel got at. Scorpio may also feel that they're not getting the understanding they want because Virgo takes a rational look at the situation and knows that they're not always in the right. Virgos' lack of commitment and dedication to a single purpose may come over as a sign of weakness to Scorpio.

How are Scorpio & Virgo in bed?

Scorpio is responsible for most of the passion in this relationship and Virgo can find their approach a little exhausting. However, Scorpio can bring out Virgo's sense of romance and make them explore depths of their nature they didn't even know existed.

Scorpio & Virgo marriage potential

Any relationship between you is likely to be long lasting and stable. As you get to know each other better, your mutual respect and affection increases. If you relax and take it slowly, this can lead to long lasting love.

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