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All about Taurus & Virgo relationships

Virgo & Taurus

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You two make a natural and easy combination. Although Taurus sometimes gets annoyed by Virgo's nit picking perfectionism, on balance they like to spend time with someone as solid and practical as themselves. A shared interest in value and quality and both having the gifts of common sense, resourcefulness, and practicality makes for a very solid combination.

Why Taurus and Virgo
are a good match

Virgo loves fussing over someone and Taurus loves to be fussed over â€" an ideal combination. Neither of believes in extravagance and recklessness and they try hard to always be consistent. Taurus can charm Virgo with their calm and caring attitude, providing them with emotional stability.

Why Taurus and Virgo
are a bad match

When Virgo is working hard at something that Taurus feels they could accomplish in half the time with much less effort, they're likely to complain about Virgo's fussing â€" something that does nothing to boost the sense of self worth that Virgo needs so badly. Virgo needs to communicate and can find Taurus' silences disconcerting. They can sometimes be too critical of Taurus, causing Taurus to explode in temper, unless they learn to ignore the nagging. Taurus' natural possessiveness can sometimes make Virgo feel smothered.

How are Taurus & Virgo in bed?

As two earth signs, you can develop warmth and confidence in each other and have a sensual and long-term relationship. Showing physical affection doesn't come as easily to Virgo as it does Taurus, but it won't take him long to persuade Taurus to see things in Virgo's way.

Taurus & Virgo marriage potential

This can be a long lasting and rewarding partnership. Things might get off to a slow start, but after you've got to know each other better, you each develop warmth and confidence in the other. As you're both practical and accommodating, you can adjust to each other's needs whenever needed as deep down you recognize what needs to be done to keep your relationship alive.

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