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Free Tarot Reading: Step 2

How to phrase your tarot question:

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What kind of queries work best with tarot cards?

When professional psychics ask the tarot cards for guidance, there are many different ways they approach asking a question. Some ways of asking work better (or worse) depending on what kind of a tarot spread the reader is using:

When using a "Past, Present, Future" spread for example, a good way to phrase your query might be "Tell me about the past, present and future of ".

General questions vs. specific questions

Many psychics find that their tarot readings are most successful when they ask general questions like: "What are the forces affecting ", or "What are the issues surrounding ".

Other readers approach the cards with an even more general strategy asking simply: "Tell me about ". This approach allows the tarot cards the "freedom" to offer insight into a wide variety of sub-topics.

While many people tend to ask more specific questions like "Will Catherine get married to Stephen?", "Will I find true love?", "Is my relationship over?" -- the tarot cards don't often respond in direct answers (Although when the future is clear, they sometimes do!).

No one can tell you exactly how to phrase your question. Most psychic readers agree that the best approach is to try several kinds of questions and see which works best for the tarot cards and you.