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Free Tarot Reading: Step 3

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Expert psychic tips on drawing tarot cards:

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Take your time

There's no rush. Take your time and you'll find your tarot readings are better every time. One of the biggest mistakes new tarot readers make is going too fast. The process is meant to be introspective and meditative. If you're rushing, you're missing out on a large part of the value.

Professional psychics always think about the question before selecting cards

As you select each card keep thinking about your question. If you let your mind wander at this time your reading won't be as successful.

Wait for a "pull"

Experienced psychics and tarot readers will often describe the sensation of a "pull" when considering certain tarot cards. You may find yourself 'pulled' specifically to certain cards in the deck -- with practice this sensation will grow more powerful.

Don't be overly concerned by a sense of indecision. Many professional psychic readers will find themselves pulled by more than one card. In these cases it is possible that more than one card in the deck would provide the tarot reader with a similar answer in this specific case.


If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. The art of selecting and reading tarot cards requires practice and patience. The more you do it the better you will become at giving accurate readings and making accurate predictions.

Get a second opinion

Lastly: As much as we'd all like to be able to see our own lives in perfect perspective, we're often too close to a situation to see it clearly. Share your tarot readings. Seek the assistance of fellow readers, and seek the help of well-reviewed experts. Good insight can be life-changing.