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The Magic FateBall:
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Remember your first Magic 8 Ball?

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The original eight-ball first appeared in the 1940's during an episode of the classic TV comedy, The Three Stooges. In the Three Stooges episode, the eight-ball was just called a "magic ball". It wasn't until years later that the classic version we know today first appeared in stores.

For most of us, the eight-ball was our first, child-like foray into the world of divination. Some kids thought of it as a simple toy. Others embued the black plastic sphere with otherworldly properties and peered deep into its mysteries.

The first versions of the magic-ball looked more like a crystal ball. In 1950 the first magic 8 ball was commissioned by Brunswick Billiards (hence it's similarity to a pool ball) and the rest is history.

Complete list of Magic 8-Ball Answers

The list of original Magic 8 Ball answers is listed below

  1. It is certain
  2. It is decidedly so
  3. Without a doubt
  4. Yes, definitely
  5. You may rely on it
  6. As I see it, yes
  7. Most likely
  8. Outlook good
  9. Yes
  10. Signs point to yes
  11. Reply hazy try again
  12. Ask again later
  13. Better not tell you now
  14. Cannot predict now
  15. Concentrate and ask again
  16. Don't count on it
  17. My reply is no
  18. My sources say no
  19. Outlook not so good
  20. Very doubtful

On the original Magic 8-Ball there were a total of 20 answers. Interestingly, the breakdown of the original answers was: 10 positive, 5 negative and 5 neutral. Now you know why you had a happy childhood.

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