The Magic FateBall!
Divination Mode / Balanced Answers

Can you use a Magic 8-Ball for Divination?

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If you've used our online magic 8-ball, you've probably noticed that the answers are very biased towards the positive.

To stay true to the original Magic-8 Ball, we included the same set of 20 answers used since the 1940's in our main 8-ball application. As with the original plastic toy, the 20 answers are vastly more positive than negative, by a ratio of 2:1.

Of the 20 original Magic 8-Ball responses, there are 10 positive answers and 5 negative answers. There are also 5 neutral responses such as "Reply hazy. Try again" and "Ask again later".

A better Magic-8 Ball for divination

If you've ever thought of consulting a Magic Eight Ball for true divination, in the same way you might consult runes, tarot cards or the I Ching, a more balanced eight ball is required.

The above "Divination Mode" 8-ball consists of 20 answers that are evenly spread between positive and negative responses.

In the Divination Mode Fateball there are:

  • 7 positive answers.
  • 7 negative answers.
  • 6 neutral answers.

With balanced responses, this ball is more divination tool and less novelty toy. Be warned however, a more balanced ball means a greater likelihood of negative answers than you might be used to!

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