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A Magic 8-Ball for Love?

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A Magic 8 Ball with Love Answers

Welcome to iFate's tribute to the Magic 8-Ball, the greatest divination novelty toy ever made!

This app on this page uses a special set of 8-ball answers:

While the original Magic 8 Ball's answers are generic, and work well for any Yes or No question, the above 8-ball app is more specific. If you're asking questions about your love life, then the above 8-ball app may surprise you with answers that seem tailor made for you.

The custom answers included in this 8-ball are still designed for Yes or No questions, but these are light-hearted answers, crafted for personal relationships and matters of the heart.

The original 8-Ball was created in the 1940's by a clairvoyant named Mary Carter. Since the days of her original design (which looked nothing like the billiards' inspired plastic toy we know and love today) our favorite toy has gone through some major design iterations. At one point it looked more like a traditional crystal ball. (For more information on the history of the Magic 8-Ball see iFate's main 8-ball page).

Today there are hundreds of variations on the original Magic 8-Ball (although the original from Mattel is still the favorite, selling over 1 million units annually). The above "Love Ball" is iFate's own spin on the favorite novelty fortune teller.

Like the standard Magic 8-Ball's answers, iFate's own Magic Love Ball variation has 20 possible answers which are listed below.

Love Ball Answers:

  • Fireworks ahead
  • Is it lust or love?
  • Seize the day!
  • A contest awaits...
  • Hot, hot, hot
  • As I see it, yes
  • Love conquers all
  • True love
  • Yes
  • Love is on the horizon
  • Mixed emotions
  • You already know
  • Love takes time
  • Might be lust?
  • You have options
  • Heartbreak warning
  • You deserve more
  • Outlook not so good
  • Probably not

Is the 8-ball biased?

The original Magic 8-ball is biased towards positive answers. The Magic 8-ball has 20 answers, of which 10 are positive, 5 are neutral and 5 are negative. You are twice as likely to receive an affirmative answer than you are a negative one.

Like the answers in the original plastic sphere, the answers in our online magic love ball skew slightly towards the positive. Although, many answers are meant to be "hazy" and stimulate thought rather than give direct advice. (If you're looking for a magic ball oracle that uses a more balanced set of answers, try our "divination mode" version of the online magic 8-ball.

If you're looking for more traditional love readings with meaningful answers, try iFate's tarot cards or online love i-ching readings a try. (No psychic abilities required!)

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