I Ching Hexagram 33 Changing to Hexagram 44

#33.2 > #44
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"Retreat"   is changing to   "Coming Together"

Here, we see I Ching hexagram #33 changing to hexagram #44 with a lone changing line.

In this transformation, the changes are seen only in the lower trigram during the progression from #33 to #44.

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Heaven Mountain
Heaven Wind

The initial hexagram #33 is composed of the upper trigram of Heaven above the lower trigram of Mountain.

The successive changed hexagram, #44, deconstructs into a preserved upper trigram of Heaven above a newly transformed lower trigram of Wind.

The starting hexagram #33:

The meaning of hexagram #33

Advantage can often be gained by moving backwards temporarily, before again moving forward. This is a time to take a break, go on vacation or spend time alone. Step away from the "battlefield" for a time. Be willing to survey progress as well as losses. Cut losses and allegiances that hold you back from your goals. Reevaluate everything. Retreat can be a sign of strength here. This type of retreat is not the same as surrender; this is a regrouping of your forces.

The changing lines between hexagram 33 and hexagram 44

Changing line #2

"Deciding Deliberately"- Once retreat is set as your course of action, don't look back. Activate your decision with a sense of fervor and trust. Don't let your decision go astray. Tie yourself to your decision as if you are tying up a trouble-making yellow Ox.

The future hexagram #44:
"Coming Together"

The meaning of hexagram #44

This is a good time to examine all the people in your life and ponder why you are connected to them. Look for the higher purpose in all relationships. Consider what this shared journey is teaching you. Don't judge people by their appearances. What lies beneath our outer appearance is what counts most. Form ties with intelligent people who support and share your own intelligence. Connect with like-minded souls. This may not be the best time to solidify a relationship or business partnership. Instead explore why people come together or don't come together in the first place. Coming together must be free of ulterior motives.

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