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I Ching Hexagram #17:


How to interpret "Following"

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The act of 'following' is often seen as a lesser state to 'leading'. But leading requires knowledge and knowledge is gained from following those who are experienced and great. There is no shame in following one who has knowlege for that is how leadership is perfected. In order to lead one must know what following is. In order to follow well, one must be focused on leadership. A weak follower is one who follows without ambition. A weak leader is one who leads without a knowledge of following.

Changes in Line 1

"The Goal Shifts"

A change in this line at the bottom of the "Following" hexagram signifies a shift in that which is followed. Priorities change and things that were once thought of as desirable often become less so. As people grow, so too do the things they pursue. An old mentor is left for a new one. A change of leadership. A shift in ideas.

Changes in Line 2

"Following the Youth"

Sometimes pursuits persist which should have been left behind with maturity and age. If one pursues goals that are beneath one's maturity, one sacrifices the wisdom and true learning that could have been gained. Likewise to lead those who are unworthy of being led is to waste time.

Changes in Line 3

"Following Strength"

A change in this line near the center of the hexagram indicates that wise leadership often leads higher in the world, and far away from lesser friends and associates. Often there are painful feelings of separation as one pursues a path that leads away from that which is familiar.

Changes in Line 4

"Perseverance Brings Misfortune"

A change in this line is a complex indicator: Misfortune is forecast as perseverance in a task leads to difficult times. Yet the task itself appears to be correct and worth attempting. Clarity comes with failure, and this failure seems essential to success in the future. Persevere anyway, even though failure looms.

Changes in Line 5

"Sincere Leadership

This changing line near the top of the hexagram of "Following" is a positive indicator, and suggests that good leadership (which is sincere and truthful) is yielding positive results. A potential warning here is against leadership which deceives. Such leadership brings misfortune.

Changes in Line 6

"To the Western Mountain"

A change in this line at the top of this hexagram indicates a complex relationship between leader and follower. He (or she) who is a great leader will, at special times, turn to work for the goals of one who follows. When such an occurance happens, the bond between leader and follower becomes sacred and lasts forever.

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