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The Meaning of Hexagram #19

Also called "Approaching"

I Ching Hexagram #19

Hexagram #19: Earth over Lake

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I Ching Hexagram #19

Hexagram number 19 references the positive concepts of anticipation and expectation. A time of growing power and energies which have not yet revealed themselves. Diligence and focus must be at maximal levels because a time of great flourishing is near. The period of late winter (just prior to the springtime) is also referenced here.

NOTE: Wondering how I Ching hexagram #19, "Lake below Earth", applies to questions about relationships? See our popular Hexagram #19 Love I Ching interpretation.

Changing Lines in Hexagram #19

Changes in Line 1

"A Joint Approach"

I Ching hexagram 19 shown with changing-line #1 highlighted

This changing line at the base of the hexagram of "Approaching" signifies either a distant approach of two simultaneous events, or the act of approaching a great event with the company of a friend or partner. This event is still far away, but this is a very positive sign and indicates good fortune.

Changes in Line 2

"A Unified Success"

I Ching hexagram 19 shown with changing-line #2 highlighted

This changing line (similar to the bottom line of this hexagram) indicates the approach of two people or things. An event or place may be approached together with the company of a friend or partner. This event is advantageous to both parties. Or if two events approach, both are successful.

Changes in Line 3

"Overly Confident Approach"

I Ching hexagram 19 shown with changing-line #3 highlighted

While things seem to be going well on one hand they are often falling apart on another. It is important to think broadly. A change in this line near the center of this hexagram suggests that small successes have bred an overconfidence which now undermines the overall progress. Do not take things for granted.

Changes in Line 4

"Approaching from Above"

I Ching hexagram 19 shown with changing-line #4 highlighted

What approaches has been carefully foreseen and predicted. Preparations are well in place for a successful fulfillment of goals. A change in this line is a favorable indicator which suggests there will be no negative surprises. What is important has already been accounted for.

Changes in Line 5

"Advancing Wisdom"

I Ching hexagram 19 shown with changing-line #5 highlighted

There is anticipation towards that which approaches. But anticipation must not give way to over-eagerness or rash decisions. Wisdom must be sought out and allowed the proper time. Self-restraint must conquer self-gratification. Do not give in to anticipation. Allow events to unfold at their own pace.

Changes in Line 6

"The Generous Approach"

I Ching hexagram 19 shown with changing-line #6 highlighted

A change in the top line of this hexagram is a positive indicator suggesting that honesty and generosity are at work. What approaches is beneficial to all. This is an extremely positive indicator. Do not allow selfishness to prevent events from unfolding positively.

The Trigrams Inside Hexagram #19

Hexagram #19 is built out of two 3-line trigrams layered over and under one another. The lower 3 lines of hexagram #19 form the trigram for Lake, while the top 3 lines form the trigram for Earth.

Vector image of lower trigram Lake in hexagram #19
Lower Trigram of Lake
Vector image of upper trigram Earth in hexagram #19
Upper Trigram of Earth

NOTE: An easy way to think about the two trigrams is that the hexagram's upper trigram points to external forces, and the lower trigram points to internal forces.

Hexagram #19's Lower Trigram of Lake

Image of hexagram #19 with lower trigram highlighted

The blissful trigram representing the lake symbolizes happiness and clarity of thought and communication. Blissful tranquility is referenced here, along with a sense of calm and devotion. The blissful Lake may also point to a 'third daughter' or the map direction west.

Hexagram #19's Upper Trigram of Earth

Image of hexagram #19 with upper trigram highlighted

The evenly divided trigram of Earth sometimes known as the trigram of the Receptive. Its characteristic traits are powerful devotion and a resilient bowing to external forces. The trigram of Earth may also reference the state of 'motherhood' or traditional female forces. The three unbroken lines may also indicate the direction of southwest

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