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I Ching Hexagram #30:


How to interpret "Luminosity"

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This hexagram is a sign of good things. The path is clear and success is yours. A sense of inner radiance is the source of this good news. From a bright inner nature stem wondrous outer circumstances in your life. The brightness lights up the night sky like a sacred flame. Stay aware of your purpose. You will make great strides toward your goals. Take new actions. Health and prosperity are indicated here.

Changes in Line 1

"Meeting Allies"

The footprints of friendly allies are seen all around. Trust the start of this path. The beginning is the seed of success and meeting new acquaintances will propel you onward.

Changes in Line 2

"Celebrating Light"

Yellow light abounds. This is a sign of good fortune. You are stepping into a higher culture and a larger world. Those around you support you well

Changes in Line 3

"Staying Bright"

A setting sun does not mean the light has disappeared. It simply shifts the light's focus upon a new part of the Earth. Likewise, the wise person knows there is always light. Do not be afraid of adversity or death. You have an inner glow that shines eternally. Arouse others with your own light

Changes in Line 4

"Be the Humblest Star"

This line is a reminder to keep your light shining steadily. A flash in the night sky, though dazzling, can fade all too quickly. Beam like a steady and humble star. Form steady allies and you will succeed

Changes in Line 5

"Giving Light to the Sorrowful"

In matters of business, welcome those who have had previous hard times. You can assist them now. In matters of romance, give your light (love) to your partner if you have one, or shine your light out into the world, knowing it will indeed be felt by a yet unmet future partner. Your kindness will offer them solace. Be a beacon to all

Changes in Line 6

"Creating Discipline"

Should anyone oppose your actions, be swift to scold them. However, allow yourself to be grateful for those who are in line with your efforts. Your light will be seen by them

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