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I Ching Hexagram #35:


How to interpret "Progress"

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Like the Sun rising effortlessly upward at the dawn of a new day, you will find yourself elevated to new heights. This fortunate hexagram suggests career advancement and recognition for a job well done. Expect greater responsibility, prosperity and kinship. This is an opportunity to benefit others while experiencing your own radiance and splendor. Your inner nature grows in brightness and purity. This is a time of awakening to your life's purpose.

Changes in Line 1

"Surpassing Obstacles"

As you are elevated to new heights, others can become vindictive or jealous. Let this negativity slide off you like rain drops.

Changes in Line 2

"Transforming Fear of Success"

The wise person fears not success, welcoming the trials that go along with every promotion. All new challenges are to be embraced. In this way they will be transformed. Your sense of confidence and trust will turn fear into excitement.

Changes in Line 3

"Receiving Praise"

Slowly and steadily all your associates will turn into your supporters, if they were not already in your corner. Earn their praise with your integrity and good intentions

Changes in Line 4

"Revealing Your Talent"

Always do your best. Only through showing your true talent will others stop viewing your progress with suspicious eyes. Don't act like a "clumsy rat" if you are really a graceful swan

Changes in Line 5

"Stabilizing Your Level"

Know that your new position is secure, despite small bumps and minor failures. Stay present with whatever situation arises and remind yourself to keep unattached to the outcome. The prize you are seeking is already here.

Changes in Line 6

"Maintaining Your Position"

There is no harm in being authoritative. But the wise person always gives the right messages to those below them. Don't abuse your power. Use it for the good of all.

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