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I Ching Hexagram #36:

Darkening Of The Light

How to interpret "Darkening Of The Light"

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This hexagram symbolizes a diminishing of one's brightness and spirit. Its meaning is literally "The Wounding of the Bright." Your life may feel out of control or under a dark spell for a time. This too shall pass. A veil of untruth makes things dark, but all hope is not lost. Yield to the darkness for a time, but be cautious of it. As the light dims your inner light grows more visible. You are light. Light is love. The Sun still shines behind its veil of clouds. It is the light inside that is ultimately important. With this knowledge you can survive any darkness outside.

Changes in Line 1

"Drooping of Wings""Drooping of Wings"

Sad and disconnected from inner light, you may feel you are flying aimlessly for a while. But no matter how dark it may get, inner light cannot be extinguished. Your task is to unveil it, not make it shine.

Changes in Line 2

"Injury to the Leg"

Forward motion is halted. But your horse is still by your side and so are your friends. Let others help you. Be altruistic and your progress will continue.

Changes in Line 3

"Confronting Oppressors"

This line is a reminder to stand up to intruders. Be willing to fight and you will regain compassion and peace.

Changes in Line 4

"Wounding of the Belly"

When you fight your enemy, sometimes you do succeed in gaining the upper hand. But the wise person also knows when to stop fighting. A wound to the belly is a sign to turn the other cheek. If someone is conspiring against you, remove yourself from the battle ground. Peace will ensue.

Changes in Line 5

"Perseverance of Brightness"

When opposed by others, you can feel stripped of your joy and light. But this is only true from one perspective. Your inner light and spirit are eternal and they still shine. Joy resides deep within you, it has just been covered by a layer of fear. It will re

Changes in Line 6

"Seeing Light in the Darkness"

As the Yin and the Yang interpenetrate, so too do the dark and the Light. Evil eventually consumes itself and brings itself to its own demise. Current difficulties will subside if you remember that your inner most nature is light/love.

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