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I Ching Hexagram #64:

Before Completion

How to interpret "Before Completion"

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This hexagram implies that a huge transition is underway; however, it has not been completed yet. Chaos has not yet turned to order. Be patient. Spring time is near and soon new growth will sprout up. For a long time you have sought the end of confusion and a dawn of new clarity. This is your higher purpose, and the way to accomplish this task is to lead yourself out of confusion first. The world is a reflection of your state of mind and understandings. All outer change begins inside you. Oppositional forces stand no chance against those who are secure in their inner purpose. Step forward knowing that everything required for this mission is within you.

Changes in Line 1

"Tail Getting Wet"

This line implies a momentary setback. Your "tail" is dragging in the water as you cross the great river. Take time to hone your skills, gather resolve and assess the situation at hand.

Changes in Line 2

"Braking the Wheels"

This line signifies that the time for taking action has not quite come. This requires deep patience. True patience does not imply "standing still." True patience is spending time feeling a deep sense of awe and inspiration, and out of that will arise the next steps to take. Let your higher purpose guide the taking of action

Changes in Line 3

"Accepting Fellowship"

A time of great transition has arrived, but the wise person knows that only through fellowship will success be accomplished.

Changes in Line 4

"Persistence Brings Good Fortune"

There is no turning back. You have come too far and the mission is too important. Pour your soul into everything you do. The prize will be well worth the effort

Changes in Line 5

"Stepping into the Light"

Congratulations are in order! The mission has been fulfilled! Change has spread out from inside you and all across the land. Beauty and green growth have returned. This is a sign of a new era and deep connectedness with your inner strength

Changes in Line 6


The dawning of a new era gives rise to celebration. But the wise one will always keep a level head. Powerful changes are sustained through staying sober and staying in the flow of life.

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