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This beautifully crafted modern take on the ancient I Ching gives unprecedented levels of insight into our relationships, our emotional chemistry and the forces around us which play a part in our romantic lives. These free I Ching readings are a regular favorite of iFate fans.

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How to consult the Love I Ching Oracle:

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What is the Love I Ching?

The I Ching oracle is over 4000 years old, and is based on the 4000 year old "Book of Changes". The original book of changes can be difficult for modern westerners to understand as it is filled with hundreds of historic references pertaining to ancient China. More modern I Ching readings use a modern translated version of the Book of Changes. iFate's award-winning I Ching readings use one such modern translation.

iFate's most recent translation is the "Love I Ching". We've taken the classic Book of Changes and adapted each of the 64 hexagram meanings to questions about love, romance, dating and personal relationshiops. The general, underlying significance of each hexagram has not been altered from the original Book of Changes. But meanings have been carefully adapted to reflect questions of the heart.

What can I ask the Love I Ching?

The I Ching works best with general questions. Traditionally, when one consults the I Ching it always includes the word 'please'. Some good examples of questions are, "Can you give me some insight into my relationship, please?", or "Can you give me some relationship counseling please?"

While you can ask direct questions like, "Does he love me?", you're better off asking broader questions that incorporate the maximum amount of possibility. After all, the I Ching may try to impart wisdom and or answers which you haven't considered yet.

The I Ching is a pathway to answers

Ultimately, the Love I Ching is a philosophical oracle. It does not impart direct answers about what you should do in your relationship. Instead it directs our emotional and spiritual self to focus specific facets of a situation. The Love I Ching is not telling us the answer directly. Instead the Love I Ching tells us "how" to think about our relationships and relationship issues in a broad, philosophical light. Rather than serve-up the answer directly, the Love I Ching leads us down a spiritual path along which our answers may be found.

It is important to keep an open mind when asking questions about love and relationships. Many users approach the I Ching with an answer they "want to hear". If you're coming to the Love I Ching looking to reinforce preconceived ideas about your relationship or marriage, then your mind is closed. Keep your opinions away from your reading, and let your mind and your heart remain fluid. In this mental and emotional state, you will be most receptive to the philsophy, spirituality and wisdom the Love I Ching has to offer.

Can I ask the same question twice?

Of course. Although most serious practitioners of the I Ching would recommend either waiting a day or two before asking the same question again, or changing the question subtley in order to reference a different dimension of the question being asked.

For example: If your first quesiton is "Tell me about the potential for marriage in the near future", your second question might be "Tell me what forces are affecting my love life with respect to marriage". The two questions are of course, very similar — but the subtle difference between the two can yield tremendous insight.

Most of all: Keep trying! Good luck!

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