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Love Interpretation of Hexagram #16

Also called "Approval and Admiration"

I Ching Hexagram #16

Hexagram #16: Thunder over Earth

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NOTE: This is the romance-themed, Love I Ching interpretation of I Ching Hexagram #16: "Thunder over Earth".   Click here for the classic I Ching meaning of hexagram #16.

I Ching Hexagram #16

Hexagram number 16, with only one solid line, references the receiving of great approval and enthusiastic support for your actions and decisions. You're doing something right, and it is being noticed. The appearance of hexagram number 16 may indicate a secret admirer, but it may also indicate that a current action will meet with approval. This hexagram also reminds us to be grateful when approval is expressed to you — and to be mindful of how you receive it. Let it in fully, but remember to express thanks and humble acceptance. Don't let compliments, even small ones, fall to the wayside or be ignored. Appreciation, and recognition will a relationship for the better. In this Hexagram, one strong line exists among many weaker supporting lines. This means that in matters of the heart, a decision will likely be respected, admired, or obeyed. Unity and acceptance are referenced here.

Changing Lines in Hexagram #16

Changes in Line 1

"Approval Expressed"

I Ching hexagram 16 shown with changing-line #1 highlighted

Offer a smile, a compliment or kudos to someone and it will patch up any negative differences. Make it genuine and you will see the rewards inside and out.

Changes in Line 2

"Firm as Stone"

I Ching hexagram 16 shown with changing-line #2 highlighted

Approval can be used as a form of flattery. If you seek approval from someone special it may open you up to manipulation and negative external forces. Be wary of placing too high a value on the approval of others. Instead, value inner resolve.

Changes in Line 3

"Approval Sought"

I Ching hexagram 16 shown with changing-line #3 highlighted

To seek approval while doing nothing to earn it is a fool's errand. Approval must be earned, and those who expect something for nothing will be deeply disappointed. Your actions speak louder than words at this time. Walk your talk and you will discover love deep in your own heart and in your life.

Changes in Line 4

"Do Not Doubt"

I Ching hexagram 16 shown with changing-line #4 highlighted

This is the only unbroken line in the hexagram of "Approval and Admiration". It represents one whose approval is sought after. A change in this line represents a potential loss of confidence, or a movement away from this status as the "giver of approval". The message here is to remain confident. Your original path is true.

Changes in Line 5

"A Chronic Complaint"

I Ching hexagram 16 shown with changing-line #5 highlighted

Differences in a relationship may persist and refuse to go away at this time. And yet the problems do not prevent forward action. Set your goals high and the difficulties will dissolve.

Changes in Line 6

"Give Approval and You Will Get It"

I Ching hexagram 16 shown with changing-line #6 highlighted

Seeking approval from someone incapable of giving it will lead to misfortune. Do not become obsessed with the wrong approach. A reversal of goals or a shifting of priorities is recommended at this time. Give approval and you will get it.

The Trigrams Within Hexagram #16

I Ching hexagram #16 is made of two 3-line trigrams mounted over and under one another. The lower three lines of hexagram #16 make up the trigram for Earth, while the top three lines make up the trigram for Thunder.

Vector image of lower trigram Earth in hexagram #16
Lower Trigram of Earth
Vector image of upper trigram Thunder in hexagram #16
Upper Trigram of Thunder

NOTE: A quick rule of thumb is that the hexagram's upper trigram points to external forces or energies, and the lower trigram points to internal forces or energies.

Hexagram #16's Lower Trigram of Earth

Image of hexagram #16 with lower trigram highlighted

The evenly split trigram of Earth is also referred to as the trigram of the Receptive. Its characteristic traits are a loving devotion and a resilient bowing to applied energies. It may also represent 'motherhood' or powerful feminine energies. The unbroken lines of the hexagram of Earth may also reference the direction 'southwest'

Hexagram #16's Upper Trigram of Thunder

Image of hexagram #16 with upper trigram highlighted

The electrifying trigram of thunder resonates with mystery and power. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, thunder is often associated with legends of dragons. the thunder trigram is also known as the "The Arousing" and indicates intent, motion and initiation. The trigram is composed of raw energy and forward movement. Thunder may refer to an 'eldest son' or the compass direction north.

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