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I Ching Hexagram #28:

Test Of Faith

How to interpret "Test Of Faith"

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NOTE: This is the "Love I-Ching" interpretation. For standard, non romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here.

A special someone is likely to push your buttons at this time. But nothing is as it appears. A test of faith and heart is indicated here. When walking across a thin and bending beam, one must have faith that it will hold. This hexagram is a reminder to not bend under the weight of burdens or judgment from others. This is a time for reflection. This is a time to examine closely one's own personal philosophy of love. Does your idea of love hold truth? Or is it like a cup with holes in it? Put your faith in what's real about love. Only through letting go of false, outdated ideas and embracing the truth can pure love be attained. A gentle strength is required here to separate myth from reality. If you find that you cannot -- then you must let your heart be the guide.

Changes in Line 1

"Strengthening the Foundation"

The wise person takes the time to lay a firm base on the ground before they act. This is not a time to enter a new relationship. Wait a few weeks. Cultivate inner sincerity and good intentions. Be humble and then you will succeed.

Changes in Line 2

"Fertile Ground"

This line is a reminder that new growth is coming. You will soon cultivate a new relationship or enter a new phase with your current partner. Embrace newness and you will overcome any obstacle.

Changes in Line 3

"Being Careful"

Be careful not to step on someone's toes at this time. A special someone will be extra sensitive to your words. Speak consciously. If the load one carries is heavy and the pole one walks upon is bending, a fall could happen. The wise individual will seek help before an argument erupts.

Changes in Line 4

"Recovering Balance"

The pole you are walking on is strengthened. This is good fortune! Love will step directly onto your path. But keep a level head. You are still precariously perched. If you accept support from those around you, you will master this challenge

Changes in Line 5

"Dissolving Hierarchies"

This line is a reminder to embrace all ranks, levels and conditions. You are inherently no better and no worse than your partner. We all have foibles, they just show up differently. See the equality in those that may seem lower than you. Be humble and you will create loving connection.

Changes in Line 6

"Trusting the Unseen"

Someone loves you and is thinking of you. You have a secret admirer. With fearlessness and persistence you will soon enter into the deepest loving bond. This is not a path for the meek. Though it may feel like you are drowning at times, keep yourself afloat with pure trust.

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