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Love Interpretation of Hexagram #3

Also called "Trouble at the Start"

I Ching Hexagram #3

Hexagram #3: Water over Thunder

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NOTE: Below is the romance-themed, Love I Ching interpretation of I Ching Hexagram #3: "Water over Thunder".   Click here for the traditional I Ching meaning of hexagram #3.

I Ching Hexagram #3

Hexagram number 3 indicates a flowering of love after a brief but difficult delay. A relationship may be off to a rocky start, or some rough patches are indicated. Consider getting the help of close a friend or trusted associate. Their help will prove invaluable to your success in matters of the heart. Storms, setbacks and disagreements are indicated here, but hexagram number 3 indicates that they are likely short-term events. The road clears and smoothes just around the next bend. Now is a good time to reflect upon what makes you happy. What is the desired outcome. You can steer through turbulent waters to the outcome you desire by focusing on your goals.

Changing Lines in Hexagram #3

Changes in Line 1

"Surrender Hesitation"

I Ching hexagram 3 shown with changing-line #1 highlighted

Be like cupid's arrow and stay true to initial goals. Step forward into love with ease and trust. But do not force your way forward if the path is truly blocked. Instead, carefully consider the situation before advancing. A clear path will eventually present itself.

Changes in Line 2

"Open to Intuition"

I Ching hexagram 3 shown with changing-line #2 highlighted

Accept little advice right now on your love life. Even those who offer well

Changes in Line 3

"Hunting with an Experienced Guide"

I Ching hexagram 3 shown with changing-line #3 highlighted

You're about to enter uncharted waters in your relationships. The wise person will seek a guide so as not to become lost. Get help from a book, an advisor, or an oracle. Forge ahead, but know when to rest. Not all things are possible at all times.

Changes in Line 4

"Strive Towards Union"

I Ching hexagram 3 shown with changing-line #4 highlighted

After a momentary delay, intimacy will come easily at this time. This line denote a "coming together" and a willingness to see and be seen. Intimacy ? In. To. Me. See. Good things are up ahead.

Changes in Line 5

"A little does a lot. A lot does little"

I Ching hexagram 3 shown with changing-line #5 highlighted

Love will flourish through small gestures rather than large sweeping moves. Be conscious of doing the right thing rather than the thing that is most impressive or flamboyant. This line may also indicate difficulty in expressing oneself to someone due to the interference of others. It will help if you keep your words short and simple.

Changes in Line 6

"Tears flow"

I Ching hexagram 3 shown with changing-line #6 highlighted

A time has come to pull back and reconsider your love life. If you are in heartache, be with yourself. Nurture your own heart. Do something nice for yourself. For example, buy something new or treat yourself to a massage. This is a time of retreat that will lead to renewal. Sadness is indicated, but will soon pass if you don't fight it.

The Two Trigrams Within Hexagram #3

I Ching hexagram #3 is structured out of two 3-line trigrams stacked on top of each other. The bottom 3 lines of hexagram #3 form the trigram for Thunder, while the top 3 lines form the trigram for Water.

Vector image of lower trigram Thunder in hexagram #3
Lower Trigram of Thunder
Vector image of upper trigram Water in hexagram #3
Upper Trigram of Water

NOTE: Generally speaking, the hexagram's upper trigram symbolizes external forces or energies, while the lower trigram symbolizes internal forces or energies.

Hexagram #3's Lower Trigram of Thunder

Image of hexagram #3 with lower trigram highlighted

The electrifying trigram of thunder resonates with mystery and power. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, thunder is often associated with legends of dragons. the thunder trigram is also known as the "The Arousing" and indicates intent, motion and initiation. The trigram is composed of raw energy and forward movement. Thunder may refer to an 'eldest son' or the compass direction north.

Hexagram #3's Upper Trigram of Water

Image of hexagram #3 with upper trigram highlighted

The formless and ever-changing trigram of water is also known as the trigram of the 'Abysmal' or the 'Gorge'. Water by its nature is transitory and fluid — representing changing circumstances and unpredictability. This ever-shifting trigram is often an indicator of uncertainty and dangerous motion. The water trigram is often correlated with the moon's cycles and the compass-direction north.

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