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I Ching Hexagram #38:

Opposition And Higher Vision

How to interpret "Opposition And Higher Vision"

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NOTE: This is the "Love I-Ching" interpretation. For standard, non romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here.

This hexagram implies a draw or an impasse with a special someone. You may both feel you're right, and this can block progress. The lesson here is to see beyond petty differences. If you can sense beyond the superficial - beyond appearances and changing circumstances - your love life will transform. Your heart will open wide. You must uncover your soul's clearest understanding. What is the bigger picture here? What matters more than being right? Can you be bigger than your differences? Love is found in the higher vision of the soul. You will have an open window of time to deepen compassion and unity. This period is a test. Let go of "needing to be right". Let your soul mend your heart and the situation. This test is also a chance to reach for the stars. Remember that the way to get past a wall is to go over it.

Changes in Line 1

"Lesson of the Runaway Horse"

If one's horse runs off out of control, let it go and trust it will return on its own accord. This means that if you don't feel supported by a special someone right now, don't attempt to force alignment. Accept that there is opposition right now. This person will join you later.

Changes in Line 2

"Meeting on a Narrow Street"

This line evokes an image of two people who won't budge. If two people, walking in opposite directions, come face to face and cannot see the way past each other, they should make every attempt to reconcile their differences. You may need to get a neutral friend to act as a mediator. Current relationship problems will soon be solved.

Changes in Line 3

"Accepting the Impasse"

Even though it may sometimes seem as if everything in life is conspiring against your desire for deep love, this is never truly the case. Love, yet unseen, is headed your way. Stagnation will soon give way to change.

Changes in Line 4

"Seeking the Wise Person"

When you feel out of contact with the solution to a relationship challenge, the fastest way to dissolve the problem is to look for one wise person to meet with. You already know this person. Seek their counsel at this time.

Changes in Line 5

"Increasing Sincerity"

Truth bridges all gaps. This is a time to be radically honest with yourself or a special someone. It is also a time to call someone on it if they are not being sincere. Love is found through truth.

Changes in Line 6

"Seeing Past a Dirty Window"

A special someone could be hidden from view at this time. They are admiring you from afar. Unhide yourself and show your bright colors first and then you will be seen and loved.

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