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Love Interpretation of Hexagram #43

Also called "Breaking Through"

I Ching Hexagram #43

Hexagram #43: Lake over Heaven

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NOTE: This is the romance-themed, Love I Ching interpretation of I Ching Hexagram #43: "Lake over Heaven".   Click here for the traditional I Ching meaning of hexagram #43.

I Ching Hexagram #43

Pressure has been building for some time. Now, like water cracking and bursting through a dam, old restraints are being broken. A weight is being lifted and love will flow easily. The only thing you need to do is "get out of your own way." Let love happen. Don't cling to worry and fear. Old mental, emotional, and behavioral patters that may have kept love at bay, simply cant at this time. The river overflows the dam. Tension gives way to motion. Disharmony flows into union. You are being carried by a grand design. It is important not to resist the changes ahead. Instead — use the energy of change to propel yourself to what is next.

Changing Lines in Hexagram #43

Changes in Line 1

"Stepping With Wise Feet"

I Ching hexagram 43 shown with changing-line #1 highlighted

The current is strong, but don't jump in quite yet. This is not a time to plunge blindly and fervently into a new relationship. Let it happen naturally.

Changes in Line 2

"Keeping Alert"

I Ching hexagram 43 shown with changing-line #2 highlighted

This line is a reminder to keep constant vigilance. Love can happen anywhere and anytime, but you must be receptive to it. Watch for its signs. The strength of love will supersede your doubts and fears.

Changes in Line 3

"Severing Ties"

I Ching hexagram 43 shown with changing-line #3 highlighted

Be willing to walk alone if someone else does not share your cause. If you choose to remain with someone who does not share your vision, find a way to avoid participation in their negative mindset. Cut yourself off from their negativity by listening to your own positive voice. Turn attention inward, not outward, and you will vanquish relationship problems

Changes in Line 4

"Stepping Out of Conflict"

I Ching hexagram 43 shown with changing-line #4 highlighted

This could be a time of inner restlessness or feeling cut off from someone. Learn from past relationship mistakes. Current problems will be eradicated by letting go of a stubborn need to be right

Changes in Line 5

"Weeding the Garden"

I Ching hexagram 43 shown with changing-line #5 highlighted

Just as weeds continually rear up again and again, so to can old relationship patterns. This is a time to be resolute. Shed your old habits like a snakeskin. Move and act as the person you want to be. Love will naturally strengthen.

Changes in Line 6

"Not Letting Struggles Stop You"

I Ching hexagram 43 shown with changing-line #6 highlighted

If you are not resolved to fully and finally break free of inner strife, this may be a time of tension between you and a special someone. The wise person walks away from an unhealthy mindset and doesn't let inner struggles stop them from knowing loving kindness.

The Two Trigrams Within Hexagram #43

I Ching hexagram #43 is built out of two 3-line trigrams mounted on top of each other. The lower three lines of hexagram #43 form the trigram for Heaven, while the upper three lines form the trigram for Lake.

Vector image of lower trigram Heaven in hexagram #43
Lower Trigram of Heaven
Vector image of upper trigram Lake in hexagram #43
Upper Trigram of Lake

NOTE: A simple way to think about trigrams is that the upper trigram symbolizes external forces or energies, and the bottom trigram symbolizes internal forces or energies.

Hexagram #43's Lower Trigram of Heaven

Image of hexagram #43 with lower trigram highlighted

The elegant trigram of Heaven is also referred to as the the Creative. It symbolizes raw, perfect creative energy. The pure trigram of Heaven is a representation of power and pure truth. It may also indicate a father figure — or the compass direction northwest.

Hexagram #43's Upper Trigram of Lake

Image of hexagram #43 with upper trigram highlighted

The serene trigram of the Lake symbolizes happiness and clarity and transparency. Blissful tranquility is referenced in the Lake, along with energies of placidity and peace. The serenity of the Lake may also suggest a 'third-born daughter' or the direction 'west'.

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