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I Ching Hexagram #47:

Exhaustion And Surrender

How to interpret "Exhaustion And Surrender"

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NOTE: This is the "Love I-Ching" interpretation. For standard, non romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here.

This foreboding hexagram signifies a time of low energy and lack of support. A special someone may try to smother you or keep you trapped into playing an old role. This is a time of feeling constrained or isolated. But fear not. The challenge at hand will pass soon enough and it will make you a better person and an inspiration for others. Your job at this time is to surrender to a deep inner love. Fighting against this situation will only make you more exhausted. Remember instead that the deepest love rests within your own heart, and that this is where stability comes from. By accessing an inner sense of stillness it is possible to stay cheerful in these trying times, and you will then tap into an inner sense of boundless love. Honor the silent knowing deep within and you will come through with renewed passion and strength of heart. The time for change will come -- but it is not now.

Changes in Line 1

"Traversing the Valley of Gloom"

Due to lack of energy, relationship challenges are likely at this time. It could take a few weeks for them to pass. You are likely to have a helpful dream at night that will help speed the process. It would be wise to keep a pen a paper by your bed to receive intuitive help.

Changes in Line 2

"Escaping Inner Oppression"

Even if your love life looks good on the outer level, inside you are still likely to feel oppressed at this time. Patience and community are your lifelines at this time. Reach out to someone, join a new group, consult an elder, read a book on relationships, or go to a healer.

Changes in Line 3

"Buried by Stones"

Your heart may feel closed right now. If you are in relationship, your partner is unlikely to be able to help shift things for you. You need to set your intent to go deeper into yourself. Your answers lie within. Don't lean on what cannot support you. Ride things out and your heart will reopen soon.

Changes in Line 4

"The Chariot of Oppression"

You are riding through a difficult time. Wait patiently and assistance will arrive. Help will come in an unexpected way.

Changes in Line 5

"Injured Feet"

Movement in your love life is halted. As hard as this may be, it is necessary in order to make room for something better. Make your decisions consciously and carefully

Changes in Line 6

"Escaping From Vines"

Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. Current relationship challenges are not as difficult as you think they are. That which is keeping you tied down is nothing more than a creeping vine that can easily be torn away. Set yourself free with determination

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