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I Ching Hexagram #49:


How to interpret "Transformation"

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NOTE: This is the "Love I-Ching" interpretation. For standard, non romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here.

This hexagram implies a time of great change, clarity about relationships, and deeper self-authority. This is a time of shedding old views and seeing someone close to you with fresh eyes. You have stepped out of worry and fear and will no longer make the same old relationship mistakes. Change will wash over you like water and love will find its way to you. You don't need to "make" this happen. Transformation comes by keeping things simple. Take whatever actions you can to support the positive changes. Smile often, nourish your body, and treat yourself and your partner (or potential partner) with appreciation. Use your intuition. There will be no mistakes made at this time. A geographic move may be referenced here too. But above all, new understandings and new solutions will arise for you.

Changes in Line 1

"Choosing Good Hide"

In order for a relationship to be successful, the components used to support it must be of the highest quality. Use your best words, your finest garments, and your purest attitude, and love will increase beyond measure.

Changes in Line 2

"The Power of the Present Moment"

The time is ripe for change in your love life to occur. But you may need to let go of the image of an ideal partner or idyllic future. Stay with the present moment. Love what is. Only then can the Universe conspire to make your dreams come true.

Changes in Line 3

"Overcoming Resistance"

You may meet with resistance from a special someone at this time. Push forward. Persistence will pay off in the end. The wise person uses resistance as a motivator. Use it to help overthrow your doubts and fuel your passion

Changes in Line 4

"Transforming through Truth"

The changes you are seeking will not come about through petty motives or weak convictions. You have to be the best person you can be. Stand tall and connect with the highest love possible. Aim for the stars and your relationships will unfold successfully

Changes in Line 5

"Changing Like a Tiger"

In this case, positive change in your love life comes from your own prowess. Hunt for who and what you want, and you will get it. You need not consult an advisor at this time. This is a time to take action.

Changes in Line 6

"Avoiding the Panther"

In this line, the panther represents an uninvited lurker: There will likely be another person, a third person, who attempts to sabotage your romance with someone special right now. Proceed at full speed and this shadowy person will not become an obstacle in your path.

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