The Meaning of the Number 8979

the number 8979 meaning

To those who study numerology, all numbers including 8979 have their own specific quirks and personality traits. As we learn about the features displayed by this 4-digit number, we're able to understand the secrets of how the number interacts with the world which surrounds it — and the ways in which its radiances influence people, personalities and their behaviors.

So what's the meaning of 8979?

The numerological meaning of 8979

The numerology energy contained in the 4-digit number 8979 radiates an aura of devotion. It's also a number which suggests a wealth of learning and higher knowledge vibrating at its core. But the wisdom it pulsates with is not trapped or held tightly within this number — instead, learning flows freely from it, and is openly offered in the interests of helping others and benefiting all humankind.

This distinctively instructive number is also known for its equal primary radiance of wisdom and humanitarianism. These principal energies dovetail nicely with 8979's other trait of psychic ability.

NOTE: Bear in mind that from a numerology standpoint, 4-digit numbers like 8979 are more complex and nuanced than single-digit numbers. Similar to diamonds, numbers with multiple digits have multiple facets , each of which can scatter surrounding energy and light in beautiful ways. The more places or digits in a number, the more complicated and interesting its significance. All multi-digit numbers have a primary meaning and a series of secondary, less significant traits associated with each digit— which each contribute to the overall feel of the number.

Words used to describe 8979

  • instructive
  • gifted
  • enlightened
  • loving
  • caring
  • spiritually evolved
  • insightful
  • masterful
  • supportive

Possible negative attributes of 8979

Some possible negative characteristics of 8979 which may rise to the surface are negative dependent or clingy aspects.

In most cases however — if you're not sure about whether or not 8979 has these negative traits, a general rule is: The facets which are associated with every number (8979 included) should be assumed to lean towards the positive and good until such time as a troublesome trait is apparent. However — it's good to know about these known downsides.

Some other negative words which sometimes resonate in the number 8979

  • clingy
  • emotionally imbalanced
  • worrisome
  • needy
  • dependent

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Secondary meanings of 8979

Secondary meanings of 8979

The digit 8: If we take a look at the next successive digit (8) in 8979, we can see some secondary traits which feel both understanding and successful. 8979 also pulses with an aura of confidence at this level.

Tertiary meanings of 8979

The digit 9: On a mild-level, the digit 9 of 8979 also exhibits nuanced energies of generosity — and lesser overtones of change and transition as well.

Minor meanings of 8979

The digit 7: Exploring further inside the digits of 8979, we uncover very distant, but still visible auras of perception blended with a very distant aura of knowledge.

So how do numerologists figure out these meanings for a number like 8979?

How to Interpret 8979 using Numerology

Read on to learn exactly how you can get to similar analyses of 8979 using numerolgical analysis:

Positive characteristics of the number 8979

Just to recap the primary meanings: The number 8979 radiates traits that are both instructive and gifted. The number 8979's personality is in most cases very enlightened and it radiates a decidedly loving energy pattern.

You may have noticed that the above description sounds suspiciously similar to 8979's root numerological reduction of 33

8979 and its numerological base number, 33

Since 8979 gets reduced using numerology to 33, let's jump into a brief refresher about 33, and how it influences 8979:

At this point you might be wondering, does that mean that the numerolgical meaning of 8979 is the same as its inner base number 33?

No, not really. It's not that simple.

If it were as simple as that, then thousands of other numbers, each of which reduce to the same root number of 33, like the numbers 6999 and 7899, or the number 8799 for example, would all have the exact same significance.

The root or base number 33 only paints the broad strokes of 8979's meaning. To dive deeper into the secrets of 8979, we need to analyze each of its digits: 8, 9 and 7, and not just the base number 33 by itself.

Furthermore, because 8979 (including its root 33) has one inner number which repeats, we should also think about the issue of the repeating digit, but we'll get to that in just a minute. For the time being, let's discuss how each of the numbers inside 8979 can have an effect on the greater analysis.

Take a look at this chart which shows the relative importance of the base number and the components within 8979:

As shown in the above chart, the dominant dimension of the number 8979 is the numerological reduction root of 33. After the numerological root number, we step through each of the successive digits in 8979, which are each interpreted with decreasing importance.

The repeat number within 8979

In cases where there are repeating digits in a number (For example, in the case of 8979 together with its numerology root 33, the 9 repeats), the weights of those digits are joined together for a greater overall influence. So even though there are a total of 5 influential digits (including the numerology root) influencing 8979, the graph above shows just 4 digits, with influences joined in a single value to show their greater importance to the overall interpretation.

The inner digits influencing 8979

Now that we've gone over the primary influence of the numerology reduction digit 33, and gone over the relative weight of the compositional numbers 8, 9 and 7, we'll cover the inner numbers one at a time — except for the reduction number 33 which we covered already .


First inner number: 8

The 1st unique number '8' of 8979 has a relative importance of 25.2% of the total.

'Eight' in numerology, is a number of achievement and successes. Eight represents a business-like attitude and the achievement of goals . The number 8 also symbolizes the universal idea of balance. Eight's aura of balanced energy can be seen in the physical shape of the number itself, with its balanced top and bottom half. The number eight is an eternally welcome addition to any number, which brings its aura of achievement, accomplishment and the successful grasping of dreams.


Second inner number: 9

The 2nd unique number '9' of 8979 has a relative importance of 13.6% of the total.

In numerology, the number 9 is an often misunderstood number. As the final 'pure' number in the sequence from 1 through 9, it maintains an interesting position. Nine typically marks the closing of cycles.

Nine has an energy of closure about it — and it simultaneously drops clues about the future of the next cycle. In stark contrast to the number 1, which represents the raw power of creation, the harmonious number 9 adds the idea of a chapter's end and a greater feeling of closure.

It is important to remember though that with closure comes the idea of new birth and a future explosion of creative growth.


Third inner number: 7

The 3rd unique number '7' of 8979 has a relative importance of 5.1% of the total.

The number 7 according to numerologists, is a relentless seeker of truth and light. This robustly analytical number is seldom satisfied with simple explanations or easy answers. Instead, the number 7 represents an inner need to to dive deep and find ultimate truths and the realities of the universe. While spiritual learning plays vital part of the number 7's personality, the number's principal energies are those of raw intelligence and fact-based truth. 7 blends the mystical and the scientific in an eternal quest for hard facts and the inner truths of our existence.

How did you see the number 8979?

Remember, a significant aspect of numerological study depends on the question of where and when any given number turns up. Where, when and how a number appears, can really affect its interpretation:

  • Did the number 8979 appear importantly over the course of the week?
  • Is the number 8979 a part of an ID card, driving license number or on some other type of identification?
  • Is the number 8979 connected to someone's address, zip code or other postcode?
  • Is 8979 appearing as a price or other amount of money?
  • Is the number connected in some way to a calendar date or a date of birth?
  • Does this number relate to dating, or to online dating, or a current relationship?
  • Is the number 8979 turning up again and again?
  • Was the number 8979 linked somehow to a romantic-partner or a possible soulmate?

Each of these possibilities are important because they add an additional amount of clarity to the meaning of 8979, and how 8979 applies to you and the environment around you.

Is 8979 showing up everywhere?

A number that makes an appearance multiple times is frequently a sign that there's probably something you need to pay attention to. Most of the time it's a subtle tap on the shoulder from your higher mind, reminding you to either do something or pay attention to something.

Bear in mind, a number like 8979 that makes an appearance multiple times may symbolize a recurring issue or problem for you. One example might be: a dating or romantic relationship issue which repeatedly pops up again and again, may appear numerologically with the repeated appearance of 8979.

Did 8979 appear as part of a street address?

Numbers that are a part of a house address or a postal code can have an influence on the inhabitants personally — or if it's a business address, on the nature of a corporation.

If 8979 is connected to a person's residential address, it may also impart (either positive or negative) on the love or relationship potential of the people living there — or have influence on the state of their current relationship.

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What about when 8979 is part of a birth date?

Whenever numbers are part of, or connected to a birth date in some way, you'll be better off using the classical numerology numbers like Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Soul Urge number and Inner Dream numbers.

If you're not familiar with these calculations, use iFate's free name numerology calculator to compute them instantly.

Is the number 8979 showing up on a dating app or Tinder profile?

Dating websites are a rich sandbox for numerologists — because sites like OKcupid or Tinder are full of multi-digit numbers which carry numerological significance.

Numerologists who interpret the romantic potential of onine dating profiles often pay special attention to user ID numbers, "Member Since" dates and of course, dates on which a profile first "likes" you.

Many numerology students ask if they can also do a traditional "name numerology" reduction on online usernames.

(Kind of)

While you can do this — bear in mind that usernames will always be significantly less representative from a numerology perspective than a reduction of a user's real name.

What about numbers that are a part of a driver's license or an ID?

Numbers like 8979 that show-up in an ID number, drivers license number, passport number or other type of personal identification can often be the most revealing of all. Why is that? Because numbers on an ID card often connect specifically to the identity and personality type of a specific individual.

If you're single and in the dating scene , these types of insights can be invaluable. They impart interesting insights into character types, subconscious character attributes and in other cases long term relationship and marriage compatibility.

If you're conducting business or commerce, the number 8979 might show up in a credit card, customer ID number or other form of business identification. These types of insights offer fascinating advantages as they can offer an 'inside look' at information that would otherwise not be available.

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