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The Meaning of the Rune "Ansuz"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Ansuz"

Mouth, God


Ansuz is the rune of Odin -- most powerful of all the gods in Norse mythology. Odin is the All-Father and Norse god of wisdom. Odin brought the wisdom of the runes to mankind through his self-sacrifice at the base of the World Tree. Odin, much like Prometheus of Greek myth, has brought back something sacred and divine to the world of Man. He takes an active interest in the affairs of Man and tries to guide humanity through their trials. Ansuz is also, by virtue of being Odin's rune, a signifier of all forms of creativity, drawing, music, and fine arts.

How to Interpret "Ansuz"

Usually Ansuz signifies an authority figure in the life of the individual, such as an employer, teacher, or parent. Whoever this figure may be, they are about to facilitate a positive life-changing event for the individual. One may look forward to a promotion or bonus due to excellent work. A book may be written, a great work composed, a long-standing problem may be solved creatively. Whatever this achievement is, assistance will be received from someone well qualified to give it. Ansuz may also reference a highly creative person, or a creative solution to a long-standing problem. Ansuz can also represent a spiritual teacher or leader, such as a priest, that will act as a guide for the individual on their spiritual and emotional journey. To many, Ansuz is seen literally as the communication method of the word of the divine -- it is Odin's Stave, or wand. A message of guidance, creation and growth.

Inverted Meaning

The authority figures seemingly impede progress -- although this is likely only a perception. The appearance of this rune inverted suggests a resistance to genuine assistance. Perhaps someone is not recognizing help when it is offered. Don't bite the hand that feeds and guides. There is wisdom in your immediate circle of contacts -- but first it must be invited and accepted.

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