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The Meaning of the Rune "Berkana "

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Berkana"

Birch tree.


The birch tree was a symbol of fertility in quite a few different myths from European folklore. Likewise, the shape of this rune implies a stylized female form. Berkana (also "Berkano") represents the universal idea of the Goddess and the powerful bond between mother and child. A powerful sense of nurturing, protection, support and creation are indicated by this rune. All of the feminine mysteries are contained in Berkana, as the traditionally male mysteries are contained in Uruz. As with Uruz, the gender-leaning of the rune does not necessarily mean that the rune applies strictly to a male or a female person -- and can also apply to a nuturing, supportive male.

How to Interpret "Berkana"

Either a pregnancy or a new start in a person's life is indicated here -- or the fertility of a new business venture. Berkana indicates a fresh perspective, a good start. Aside from a physical birth, a rebirth, or a burst of creativity may be indicated. Berkana frequently refers to domestic issues and personal relationships -- particularly those involving emotional support, nurturing and "standing by" loved ones. Berkana can also represent a person who is a healer, whether a nurse, doctor, or other kind of medical practitioner. The energies of this rune are healing and life-giving.

Inverted Meaning

Growth is being stunted through a stubborn refusal to channel creative and healing forces. Learn to accept the rites of passage of life -- don't ignore them or they will just cause you more pain than necessary. Berkana inverted, can also signify friction within relationships -- or even betrayal.

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