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The Meaning of the Rune "Gebo"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Gebo"

Gift, Generosity, Wedding


The Rune of Gebo represents the act of "giving" in all it's forms. The ancient Norse tale of "Brunhild" is a good one to illustrate the meaning of this rune: According to legend, the hero Sigurd fought and killed a mighty dragon and took a ring from its hoard. Venturing onwards, he passed through a magical circle of fire where he found a sleeping warrior wearing shining armor. He cut through the armor and revealed Brunhild, a beautiful Valkyrie (an angelic warrior woman of Valhalla) who had been kept there by Odin until a mortal man was brave enough to rescue her. Sigurd then gave her the ring and pledged his unending love to her. Gebo represents a unification of two forces for the betterment of both parties. Whether this is in a business deal or a romantic arrangement is of no consequence -- the result and meaning are the same. Positive emotions, acts of selflessness and the giving of gifts are all referenced here. It should be noted that the legend of Brunhild also carries a somewhat sinister message: As legend has it -- the ring Sigurd gave to Brunhild had been cursed by the wicked god Loki. The meaning here is that while intentions may be noble and emotions may be true -- the hand of fate must be respected: It is always present in all things.

How to Interpret "Gebo"

A gift will be given, or possibly a marriage proposal or an opportunity to put forward such a proposal is on its way. A generous, bountiful person who wishes to enrich one's life, romantically or materially. A divine gift, the gift of life or of balance. It is important that all parties remain equitable when the gift is given, or that balance which is so important to relationships may be endangered. On another level, the rune of Gebo may represent sexual union. Depending on the other runes that it appears with, it may mean a fleeting encounter; particularly if paired with Uruz. This will be a very intense encounter and one that can be grown into something more if desired.

Inverted Meaning

Gebo cannot be inverted.

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