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The Meaning of the Rune "Hagalaz"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Hagalaz"



Ragnarok is the Norse version of "Judgement Day", when it is foretold that the legendary Fenris wolf will devour the sun and plunge the world into darkness. Our world and the world of the gods will both be destroyed by uncontrollable forces, and a vast process of universal rebirth will begin. In a vastly smaller form, the destruction of Ragnarok is the kind of destruction one sees in the rune Hagalaz -- a destruction that is necessary in order to bring about rebirth of a new world, or a new phase of one's life.

How to Interpret "Hagalaz"

The appearance of Hagalaz is often an indication that we must let go of the past. Only through the destruction of certain psychological aspects, emotional blocks, and ties to the past can we move forward. While Hagalaz represents destruction, it also represents rebirth. That which currently exists may need to be destroyed in order for positive change to occur. Frequently it is a fear of destruction and loss which prevents future growth. Hagalaz may also indicate that a temporary setback or obstacle has arisen -- one which the individual will necessarily get over very quickly. Disappointment may also be indicated here, and a realization that the path that one has set out on is not the path that one is meant to be on. Hagalaz reminds us that such disappointment is a necessary first-step in achieving change. A need to refocus and retask one's energies. While the main lesson of this rune is positive, it must be cautioned that a setback will happen for a reason, and it is important not to let history repeat itself. An opportunity will come in which one can better oneself. It may be painful, but ultimately it will prove beneficial. Other possible literal meanings of Hagalaz in a reading include bad weather, or emotional outbursts.

Inverted Meaning

Cannot be inverted.

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