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The Meaning of the Rune "Ingwaz"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Ingwaz"

The Earth, Agriculture, Nature, Ing.


Ing is one of the alternate names for Freyr, Norse god of agriculture. Legend says that Freyr travelled around the Earth in a chariot, dispensing fertility and happiness to his people.

How to Interpret "Ingwaz"

Ingwaz symbolizes the Earth and our deep relation to it. Its appearance may mean that we need to spend more time in nature, or pay more attention to the natural order of things. Outdoor activities are referenced here, including sports, hiking and the ocean. The appearance of Ingwaz may also indicate a need to pay attention to one's body, either through the addition of an exercise regimen to one's life or a change in diet. A healthy metabolism and lifestyle are indicated here -- and may suggest a need to focus on a sound body in order to achieve a sound mind. This is also a rune of growth: representing the actual act of growth rather than the rewards that await one at the end of the cycle. Personal growth may occur through some event in the near future. On a grander level, Ingwaz can represent the wholeness of the Earth or of humanity. Overall human conditions, or global issues. At a smaller scale, the appearance of Ingwaz may represent food or a meal with friends.

Inverted Meaning

None. This rune cannot be inverted.

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