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The Meaning of the Rune "Isa"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meaning of "Isa"



This rune is one of the simplest of all. Where Kenaz was fire, Isa represents the stillness and purity of ice. The elements of 'fire' and 'ice' are two of the most dominant in Norse mythology. The Norse creation myth had the universe created out of the mating of these two materials. Ice represents the ultimate stillness: A blanket of frozen immobility which seals the land, restricts travel and covers all that is life-giving and fertile. Under it's beautiful and concealing silence the rich earth below is nurtured and prepared for new energy and life. Ice is representative of the feminine principle in Norse philosophy -- a stillness of contemplation and a preparation for new life: new hope and rebirth. This is the Yang to the Yin of firey Kenaz. Without ice and winter to moisten the fields, the farming and harvest would be impossible. Where Kenaz is fire and agression, Isa is meditative, still and ultimately a creative force.

How to Interpret "Isa"

A time of rest before action. A period of meditation and recharging before action is continued. It may be necessary to stop, take measure and look around in order to further assess a situation, rather to charge forward without direction. When the ice thaws it will retreat from the land and one's direction will become clear. A time of fertile creation lies ahead. While the pace of forward movement may seem slow and inhibited at this time, the seeds of rebirth are active beneath the surface. The outward appearance of purity and stillness mask an explosion of fertility which lies ready in wait. All things will come in good time, and for now Isa reminds us that we must wait. The long winter is upon us now, but the cycle of seasons moves ever forward. Also a path of reflection and meditation. Inner calmness must be maintained at this time in order for deeper reflection to occur.

Inverted Meaning

Isa cannot be inverted.

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