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The Meaning of the Rune "Laguz"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Laguz"

Ocean, sea, water


Like a wave waiting to carry a Viking ship to a distant shore, Laguz represents the endless possibilities and the nourishment of water. To the Norse, Laguz also represented the wild forces of the ocean, which if not respected could lead to destruction and death. Laguz speaks to our primal fears and insecurities -- that ultimately we are small and insignificant in the face of opposition, and that should everything go wrong, we may be powerless to help ourselves. The ocean, like so many images in Norse lore -- is another highly complex and mixed image: it contains secrets, treasures, promises and dangers. The ocean represents life, death and a vastness of scale which reminds us of our individual insignificance. The ocean is a strongly female force. The appearance of Laguz in a reading will frequently indicate a woman (either the querent if she is female, or if the querent is male: the most important woman in his life). Laguz also represents the moon and the cycle of the ocean's tides.

How to Interpret "Laguz"

Laguz is typically a negative rune. It signifies uncertainty, and a powerlessness to act in the face of overwhelming opposition. If however, the question being asked is "Should I continue" with something, Laguz instructs very clearly to continue in the same way that water flows uninterrupted. The appearance of Laguz suggests that something that has previously been hidden will be revealed. What was hidden may not be a pleasant thing to witness, but it will be necessary. This may allude to something like a treacherous spouse or a thieving employee -- unpleasant but necessary for the individual to uncover. Frequently this rune references how other people feel about the someone. Perception is indicated here. ie: It is necessary to uncover what is hidden in a person's life in order for them to move forward. Other possible literal meanings of Laguz in a reading are: A woman (either the querent or a woman significant to the querent), the ocean or beach, social opposition.

Inverted Meaning

An obstinate need to ignore that which is hidden and needs to be uncovered. The rune Laguz may turn up inverted when a spouse knows that their partner is cheating, but is doing nothing about it to maintain the status quo. The appearance of this rune inverted means that the status quo is not worth maintaining and they should remove themselves from the situation as soon as possible.

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