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The Meaning of the Rune "Othala"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Othala"

Property, Estate, A House, Land


Othala is the rune of the ancient clan lands: Historic land and property which has a strong spiritual connection to the individual. Othala is the crowning achievement which lies at the end of the runic journey. (It is the last rune, if one reads them in sequence). These ancestral lands are the result of a life of successful spiritual pursuit and hard work. Othala is that physical manifestation of everything that has been earned by previous generations and by this one: particularly, (but not limited to) a house or property. Othala represents our home: our lands, our community, our nation, our identity, our personal assets and the assets of our friends and family. Othala is a physical representation of both our past and our destiny -- a reminder of who we are, and a symbol of the greatness we aspire to. The noble rune, Othala references both responsibility and pride, history and future, honor and hard work. It is a reminder both of our ancestry and the material legacy we will leave behind. Othala is a reminder that there is greatness in small things -- What we do here will survive us. What was done in the past is all around us now and should be respected.

How to Interpret "Othala"

The security and safety that comes with material wealth is referenced here: Richness in the sense of home and family, as well as material wealth. A favorable situation will give the individual greater security very shortly -- but hard work will always be required to maintain the fruits of this situation. Othala may represent an individual who has overcome many obstacles and has now come home to put their feet up and enjoy their lives as they deserve to. This individual has come to a place in their lives where they have found success -- it is now time for them to recognize the importance of home and family and enjoy the fruits of both. Wealth, property, and land are all considerations when this rune turns up, and all in a positive fashion. Alternatively, Othala may represent an ancestral land, or the country of one's forebears. Inheritance and history are powerfully referenced here.

Inverted Meaning

Inability to accept family as a source of happiness in one's life. Chaos on the home front. Poverty and loss of land and/or wealth.

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