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The Meaning of the Rune "Perthro"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Perthro"

Cup, Dice-Cup, Fate


This cup shape literally means a vessel -- possibly for casting lots. This rune is one of the more controversial among runic scholars, as the "P" sound at the start does not actually appear anywhere else in early Germanic languages. It is commonly thought that the rune's name, which is now lost to antiquity, was altered over the centuries with the development of more modern alphabets. Perthro represents a vessel, something to be filled and drunk from. There is also significant evidence that the cup referenced by Perthro is a 'dice-cup', of the kind commonly used in games of chance and fate.

How to Interpret "Perthro"

The cup of Perthro represents fertility, mystery, and all things hidden. The hand of fate, through Karma or divine predestination, is showing itself strongly in one's life. While fate is often complex and impossible to understand, this rune indicates a powerful order and purpose behind seemingly random events. Fate is both powerful and unknowable -- a force which we all must ultimately respect and give way to. Intense forces of change that work behind the scenes are acting on the individual at this time. While these forces may be seen as positive or negative, the appearance of Perthro most commonly suggests positive forces -- unless of course it appears in a spread with a host of negative runes. It should be noted that while we frequently view change as either "good" or "bad" -- Perthro reminds us that such black-and-white interpretation may represent an oversimplification of fate. The change referenced by Perthro carries with it an infinite amount of complexity and subtlety. To attempt to categorize change in simplistic terms of "positive" or "negative", is to attempt to understand fate itself: something no mortal can do. When analyzing the meaning of Perthro, one should take care to remember that fate exists at a level that we can never truly know until such time that it is upon us. What seems true may prove false, and vice versa. Only fate can tell. Other possible literal meanings of Perthro in a reading are the act of drinking or games of chance.

Inverted Meaning

There may be psychological issues present which the individual may need to explore further. This may not represent a readiness to explore hidden mysteries further, but a burning desire that is not accompanied by the wisdom of experience. Tread carefully, missteps are costly here.

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