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The Meaning of the Rune "Raidho"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Raidho"

Riding, Journey, Wagon, Chariot


Raidho represents the overall life-path of a person. The message of the rune of Raidho is that the stops along the way are less important here than the journey itself. According to Norse mythology, the course of a life is determined by three weaving sisters called the "Norns", who live at the base of the World Tree. The three sisters weave the fates of all mankind. The first sister, Urdr ('becoming'), spins the yarn of each individual's fate. The second, Verdandi ('being'), measures the yarn. The third, Skuld ('that to come') cuts the yarn. Like the "three fates" in Greek mythology, these sisters hold sway over the lives of all living things. The Norns are also tasked with the tending of the roots of the World Tree with water from the well of Wyrd. The rune Raidho reminds us that specific events are largely beyond our control. Fate is not something that we can ever know or truly understand -- but something that must be respected, for it influences us from beyond our reach.

How to Interpret "Raidho"

In a reading, a physical journey is likely when Raidho appears. This journey will likely be successful and will lead to a important changes in one's life. A move or a career change is foretold. New experiences and insights await us over the horizon, and will shape the course of our lives. As with the lesson of the three Norns, the appearance of Raidho also suggests that all efforts to influence the situation (one way of the other) will likely fail. The hands of fate are at work here -- fortunately the indication is largely positive. Raidho may also represent a change in lifestyle -- usually for the better. At a literal level, Raidho may represent women, sisters or a career path.

Inverted Meaning

Journeys may often just be detours off of one's primary path, not part of our primary life journey. Moves and career changes can also mean disruptions in personal relationships, and these must be maintained in order to remain a whole person. Failure to move on will cause stunted growth.

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