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The Meaning of the Rune "Sowilo "

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Sowilo "

The sun.


Sowilo, or the Sun Rune, symbolizes energy, life and fertility. Warmth, positivity and drive flow from radiant Sowilo. Norse mythology describes the sun as a blazing disc which is pulled across sky in a chariot pulled by a great wolf. One day, it is said, the wolf will stop pulling the chariot and eat the sun on the day of "Ragnarok", the old Norse version of "judgement day". While Sowilo indicates positive energy and success, Sowilo reminds us of the necessity to move on even after achieving that success. Its action sustains itself and spurs the individual on to greater and more noble pursuits.

How to Interpret "Sowilo"

Success: A more permanent and lifelong success than the harvest time of Jera. Sowilo often refers to a dynamic, strong, steadfast, and charismatic personality. Energy, motivation, goodness, and all positive character attributes are referenced here. A very successful outcome is indicated, perhaps more successful than one had predicted. Sowilo is an extremely fortunate rune and is often considered the best possible rune in a reading. Sowilo represents an endless source of energy and brilliance: a renewal of hope and achievement. If a project or endeavor is beginning to "drag on", Sowilo indicates a resurgence of positivity and progress. Sowilo often references health issues and healing. The sun's rays offer vital healing energy, and the appearance of this rune often indicates a positive resolution to a health issue, or a time of successful recovery. Other possible literal meanings of Sowilo in a reading are: a reference to Summer or bright lights.

Inverted Meaning

Never with Sowilo

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