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The Meaning of the Rune "Thurisaz"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Thurisaz"

Thorn, Giant


In Norse mythology, the ancient and wicked Frost Giants bore an evil son named Loki whose sole mission in life was to torment mankind. Although eternal enemies of the Norse gods, the Frost Giants consequently gave the Norse gods a purpose: the defense and protection of their sacred realms. This rune represents the treachery of the Frost Giants and all the danger they represent, as well as the need for faithful vigilance and responsibility in the face of opposition. Thurisaz is also called "the thorn". While the thorn is often seen as a source of pain, it can (as with the thorn of the rose) also be a source of profound beauty. Contained in this rune is much of the old Norse view of winter and the elements: Beauty and danger combined in physical form. A time of trials.

How to Interpret "Thurisaz"

Thurisaz is the sacrifice that one must make in order to make progress in life. It is the very essence of discipline. This rune references the pain that must be endured for the reward that lies at its end. It may be likened to a long period of study that lies before the start of a satisfying career. A painful lesson learned. Monetary hardship, a temporary separation, or anything that requires a personal sacrifice to "get through" to the other side of the situation. Thursiaz represents harsh outside forces which stand in opposition -- particularly natural forces or forces on a larger scale. On the positive side, Thurisaz also signifies discipline and the necessity of change: Things that are happening are meant to happen. They are part of the grand cycle of life and nature. Those things that we are forced to endure will pave the way for good things in the future.

Inverted Meaning

Being too resistant to change and not dealing with adversity. Seeing only the short term of a situation, not the long term. One should take care to understand the hardships that one is dealing with -- don't ignore them as they may become larger problems later.

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