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The Meaning of the Rune "Tiwaz"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Tiwaz"

Sound Leadership, Success in Battle, Personal Sacrifice


This rune references the legendary Norse warrior "Tyr", who while struggling to save his people, lost his hand to a giant wolf named Fenris. While Tyr was victorious and showed incredible resolve and bravery -- his victory came at great personal cost. Tyr's victory ensured the safety of his fellow clan, but through the sacrifice of his victory, he rendered himself useless in his chosen trade. Tiwaz is a positive rune, but it carries a stern message of responsibility, cost and loyalty.

How to Interpret "Tiwaz"

Ultimately, this is an extremely positive rune signifying victory in battle and success in competition. Direct action and powerful forward motion is indicated. Sound leadership is often characterized by selflessness. A good leader places his people and his clan before his own needs. Management and leadership skills are referenced positively here. From a spiritual perspective, Tiwaz represents a spiritual breakthrough that awakens new levels of understanding. It should be noted, that as with the warrior "Tyr", the success indicated by this rune often carries a painful price. It can literally foretell a minor injury, and may indicate a personal loss (or injury) accompanied by a great gain one's family, company or team. The appearance of Tiwaz generally means that the proper direction of this force, usually in business, will net the individual a victory through proper application of force and pressure.

Inverted Meaning

Progress through aggression may not be the answer in this particular situation. Find another way of achieving the desired outcome. Application of too much force will drive success away.

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