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The Meaning of the Rune "Uruz"

Interpreting this rune

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Literal Meanings of "Uruz"

Aurochs, Power


A mighty animal stands on four legs, two of which are obscured -- it raises it's head to the sky. The "auroch" was a massive (and now extinct) early European ox; their size was between a modern-day bison and a mammoth. The Vikings prized these mighty creatures for their enormous horns, which they would use to drink out of. In his Gallic Wars, Caesar wrote of the use of the aurochs hunt to initiate boys to manhood among the 'Germanii' (the Roman name for the German tribes). This rune is also representative of the Norse God "Ull". Ull was the God of archery, hunting, and winter. He is the "leader of the hunt" in Germanic folklore.

How to Interpret "Uruz"

This rune represents raw physical power. It would not be uncommon for it to turn up in readings for an athlete, hunter, or a member of the military. Uruz also represents sexuality and virility -- most commonly (but not exclusively) the male side of those attributes. It may also represent a show of force which is unusually great for a specific individual. Its appearance often signals a significant internal life change if the individual involved in a rune reading is a man; or a shift in his masculine powers, depending on his age. If the individual in a rune reading is female, it represents a man that is about to affect her life somehow, most likely in reference to a romantic or physical relationship. It also refers to all of those aspects considered masculine that are still present in the female, such as athleticism, competitiveness, and more overt sexuality. It may also refer to the abuse or overuse of those powers -- if the individual is an athlete, they may need to change their routine in order to avoid a sports injury. Competitiveness may be getting in the way of advancement. Restraint may be suggested here. Overall, Uruz refers to great strength, sexuality, athleticism, virility, and the employment of all of these things. It may also indicate that subtlety and inaction are both poor choices at this juncture.

Inverted Meaning

A weakening of one's physical or emotional self. Someone may be trying to use the individual's own power against them. Watch out for energy-sapping situations and people; they are present when this rune is inverted.

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